AZ Lions Vision Center is offering eye exams at a big discount

TUCSON- An average eye exam and a new pair of glasses will cost around $100. It’s an expense some just can’t afford.
That is why the Arizona Lions Club brings in an ophthalmologist to conduct an exam and offer brand new eye glasses to the public at a big discount.
The small office has all the tools Dr. Christina Reichardt needs to do a full examination. She has her own practice but says the time she spends away from her office is rewarding.
“The joy on people’s faces who have never worn glasses before, it’s just beyond words. It’s so exciting to be able to help people,” said Reichardt.
It all started as a way to help children in school see their books. As the program got rolling the vision center found there was a greater need.
“There were a lot of people throughout the community, adults that couldn’t have any type of job because they didn’t have the glasses. We are now providing glasses for between 6 and 7,000 a year,” said Jeannette Russell with the Lions Vision Center.
The reduced cost is about $65 including the eye exam and the glasses. However, most parents don’t pay a dime for their child’s exam. Donations from the community allow them to see clearly for free.

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